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Oakville’s best and highly reliable garage door company – ‘Oakville Garage Door’ Service now proudly unveils its most classy and advanced range of commercial garage doors. These doors are perfect to be installed at workplaces and warehouses where the security concern is at an all-time high. Garage doors have a humongous role to play at workplaces because they effectively guard the manufactured goods as well as the crucial machinery.

Commercial Garage Door
Some Crucial Factors of Commercial Garage Doors

  • Panel Gauge Panel gauge helps in the construction and designing of larger doors and panels. In fact, it is more of a gauge that helps to easily accomplish the designing process of these big doors.
  • Steel Grade There are different types of steel which differ according to their physical and chemical properties. These are then given a grading with the help of a steel grade. A steel grade helps in deciding which steel type would be perfect for constructing the door.
  • R Value R value refers to the thermal resistance that a garage door offers. Commercial garage doors having a balanced thermal resistance should have an R value from 12 to 17.

Types of commercial garage doors

  • Aluminum Doors Aluminum commercial garage doors are common and they come in a variety of patterns and finishes. They are commonly used at fire stations and automobile dealerships as glass windows can be easily embedded in these doors for light and visibility.
  • Steel Sectional Doors One can have multiple options for insulation and gauge in such kind of doors. They are fantastic for temperature control and security.
  • Rolling Steel Doors In order to enable a smooth roll up functioning overhead, such doors come with steel strips. These steel strips not only make the door sturdy but also make them more resilient against any impact.

If you are looking for a part or service for your garage door in Oakville, then there is no better place than Oakville Garage Door Service. Our huge variety of commercial garage doors and their parts can be availed in every type and budget. Our dynamic service and genuine branded parts is the reason why we are so popular among the Oakville residents.

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