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Oakville Garage Door Cable Repair – Prevent Accidents in Garage

A cable is a critically important part in the absence of which a modern automatic garage door can’t work. Out of the various parts that help in the functioning of the door, a cable is the only moving component that puts other parts into motion. Generally, the heavy parts of the garage door require cables so that they can perform efficiently.

Garage Door Cables

We, at Oakville Garage Door Service, are the best professionals in the field of garage doors in Oakville who can handle all sorts of cable repair and replacement services.

  • Sliding door cable
  • Overhead door cable
  • Heavy duty commercial garage door cables

All the major brands of the garage door industry are available under our roof featuring Wayne Dalton, Stanley, Clopay and many more. If you come across a faulty cable in your garage door, call us NOW to get it repaired or replaced.

Steel Garage Door Cables

When we entered the market, we promised to never compromise with the quality and that’s the reason why we are at the top of our game. In case of cables, we only deal in high quality cables that are made of reinforced steel fibers. They offer great flexibility and high tensile strength.

Even the best of the wires wear out with time. This leads to the risk of wires getting snapped during operation. Hence, it is advised to keep a constant check on wear and tear.

Types of Cables

Nowadays, the cables that are used in garage doors are made up of high quality steel. Following are some common types of cables that are used in most doors:

  • Steel strand wire
  • Coated galvanized steel cable
  • Galvanized steel cable

Why Risk Accidents – Just Call Us for Garage Door Cable Replacement

A worn out cable in a garage is a hanging threat. These steel cables work under immense amount of stress and thus are always at risk of breaking out. With such a violent force, the damage due to a snapped cable can be catastrophic. Apart from damaging the vehicle, it can also injure humans seriously.

We have always delivered the best in case of cable repair and replacement services which truly make us an authority in the Oakville garage door repair and installation industry. We can efficiently handle every garage door model.

Don’t fall in the trap of a worn-out cable! Call us ‘Today’ to sign-up for a detailed inspection of your garage door cable.

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