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Garage Door Remote Repair & Replacement Services in Oakville

Every major manufacturer in the garage door industry today boasts of doors that enable remote controlled operation. This handy innovation has really made life simpler for not just homeowners but businesses also. However, just like our TV remotes, even they develop faults.

A faulty garage door remote can be a major issue after years of use. At ‘Oakville Garage Door Service’ our technical team can handle repair and replacement services of remotes from every major manufacturer with a lot of ease.

  • Residential garage door remotes
  • Sliding gates remotes
  • Commercial door remotes
  • Rolling steel and security grill doors
  • Side-mount & trolley Opener remotes
  • Underground parking garage remotes

If your remote fails to obey your command, then don’t start panicking. Simply call our professionals and we’ll make sure that the problem is rectified within hours.

Garage Door Remote Not Working? Take Action Now.

The reprogramming of the remote usually solves the problem. In case manual reprogramming does no good, then the reason of the fault could be a hardware issue. Similar radio frequencies in the neighborhood can also be a problem for the remote.

Types of Remotes

  • Universal Remotes – They are highly compatible and can work with almost every garage door model. Once they are programmed, they can efficiently control 2 or even 3 garage doors simultaneously. They are great for commercial purposes.
  • Keychain & Visor Clip – These remotes get easily attached to your car’s key chain or even on the interior visor of your vehicle. As soon as a person drives nearby, the opener senses the remote in the vicinity and the garage door opens automatically.
  • Liftmaster Remotes – They are 3 button remotes and are extremely popular for their ease of use. Their performance level is great and they can easily work with doors that are manufactured after 1997.

Garage Door Remote Apps

Nowadays, people can make use of garage door apps to control the entire operation of garage doors. These apps can work on Android or iPhone platforms and are extremely handy for operating doors over large distances. They really rev-up the security features of modern doors.

Solve Garage Door Security Concerns

A faulty remote for your garage door, is a loophole in your home’s security. You should solve it to ensure that your home is safe. Generally, people use their garage as primary entrance. However, if any crook gets access to the remote keys, the safety of your house will be compromised.

We provide comprehensive Oakville garage door remote installation and repair services. Call us anytime to avail our emergency garage door repair services.

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