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Residential Garage Door Service
Residential garage doors have a big role to play in our everyday lives nowadays. Homeowners, who are planning to make an investment in this ‘crucial addition’ for their house, will understand the importance of buying it from a company they can trust.

We, at Oakville Garage Door Service, have been providing our customers with effective, budget-friendly solutions for their garage doors for a long time.

Different Kinds of Residential Garage Doors

  • Sectional Style Doors of such kind have become extremely popular among residents since they have an easy operation. They don’t come swinging out from their framework like those garage doors based on the canopy mechanism. In fact, all the sections of the door gather at the same place with each section one above the other. Their way of operating is their biggest advantage. It not only takes up less space, but also provides great security.
  • Canopy Style - This is a unique style of garage door because when the door opens, it protrudes completely out from the framework forming a shade or canopy. The doors of this style make use of steel cables and drums and springs to perform the lift-up operation. Easy installation of these kinds of doors is the reason why they find many takers.
  • Roller Shutter Style Roller shutter doors are a great example of classic mechanics and they are still widely in use today. The doors in this kind of set-up revolve around a metal barrel. The rolling nature of the door is the main reason behind their name.

Advantages of Purchasing a Residential Garage Door from Oakville Garage Door Service

  • Our wide range of garage doors at the best price ensures that there is something for every pocket at our store.
  • We only deal in high standard parts of some major brands like Genie, Clopay, Stanley and many more.

When you ask a firm for the best garage door service in the city of Oakville, the only name that you’ll hear would be “Oakville Garage Door Service”. That’s because the products we sell and the service that we provide are the best-in-class. We’ll be pleased to entertain your queries regarding garage doors, all you need to do is visit us or just give us a call.

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